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How to plant Onions? How to Harvest Carrots?

19 Feb

How to plant Onions?

My Harvest

(This is me last year, with lots of vegetables…including my old radish jejejeje)


Last year, we started our first Vegetable plot in our neighborhood church with full sun. We have had 2 plots with about 3 hours of sun in our backyard for over 3 years (shade its limitation for higher yield). At our new plot, so far it has been an amazing experience. We planted, garlic, onions, green onions, carrots, kale, purple kale, radish, beet root and broccoli.

We have harvested lots, lots and lots of both kales, some carrots and 1 thousand radish!!

TIP #1: Radish grows very, very fast and all its ready at the same time, so plant according to your needs!
TIP #2: Fertilize your plot at least once a month with organic fertilizer. (Our carrots are still small and we planted them in October)

Hereby are 2 videos that I made today, enjoy:

How to plant Onions? http://youtu.be/0OH3DudIUz8
How to harvest carrots? http://youtu.be/sioxOxwfKGI

Thank you for visiting, your comments and tips are VERY appreciated!


Colors of my Garden – OCTOBER

10 Nov

Bee on lime coleus flower

Bee on lime coleus flower



Pink Dahlia

Pink Dahlia

Pupa – Chrysalis swallowtail butterfly

Pupa - Chrysalis swallowtail butterfly

Sky is the limit rose

Sky is the limit rose

Sky is the limit rose

Squash flower

Swallowtail larva eating

Swallowtail larva eating


Colors of my Garden – SEPTEMBER

9 Oct

Bee on Basil flower

Bee on Basil flower

Sky is the limit rose

Sky is the limit rose

Swallowtail butterfly caterpillarr

Swallowtail butterfly caterpillarr

September 15, 2012 030

Homestead verbena

Homestead verbena

Grape tomates

Grape tomates



Wren baby birds

Wren baby bird

Colors of My Garden – AUGUST

5 Sep

Blackeyed Susan

Goldstrum rudbeckia

Purple Petunia

Crape Myrtle Natchez

Ornamental Bamboo

Big Blue Liriope Flower

Delosperma cooperi

Gold Lantana

Colors Of My Garden – JULY

14 Aug

Tickseed ‘nana’

Verbena bonariensis

Sunflower ‘sunspot’

Butterfly  bush – pink



Tomato ‘roma’

Cucumber Flower


Crape myrtle

Curry Plant

Bell pepper flower


Frangipani flower buds

Squash Flower

Colors Of My Garden – MAY

2 Jun

Astilbe pink



Astilbe White


Aucuba Gold dust


Azalea Nancy


Basil flower


Black Bamboo

Coleus Kong rose


Colocasia Blue Hawaiian


Confederate jasmine vine


Gardenia August beauty flower


Hydrangea Blue


Hydrangea deep pink


Hydrangea Endless summer








Lily King of Whites




Pink lily


Sage Variegated


Sedum floriferum


Small leaf pink azalea



Snapdragon white


Stinkbug nymph


Strawberry Flower



Torenia blue moon


White frangipani



Colors of my Garden – APRIL

2 May

May Night Salvia

Banksia climbing rose


Cilantro Flower

Deep pink foxglove

Double Red knockout rose

Light pink climbing rose

Paper bark bloom

Purple shamrock – Purple Clover

Recurve ligustrum

Sky is the limit rose


Hydrangea Endless summer


Arugula flower


Baby Cardinal in nest


Bleeding heart


Common Garter Snake




Lavander foxglove

Lily of valley


Heuchera mocha Flower


Pink climbing rose


Floxglove Pink


Amaryllis red

Romaine lettuce



Sweet bay laurel flower


Clematis White


Foxglove White


Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

Snowball viburnum


White foxglove

White mazus

Colors of my Garden – MARCH

4 Apr

Ajuga reptans bloom

Bee at holly


Purple Oxalis Flower

Tree bloom

Blueberry Flower

Caroline jasmine


Cherry tree bloom


Pink Charm Daffodil


Pink Dianthus

Dogwood flower -Peach color


White Dogwood

Flag grass bloom

Green Japanese maple bloom

Holly tree flower

Honey bee at holly


Insect full of pollen


Japanese maple bloom

Ladybug at holly tree leaf

Loropetalum Purple diamond flower opening


Loropetalum Purple Diamond Flower

Mazus blue

Autumn fern new leaf

Orange Tulip

Peach Bud

Peach Flower


Peach Fruit

Pink Azalea

Pink cluster Azalea

Pink Impression Tulip

Plum tree flower

Red Climbing rose bud

Red climbing Rose 

Snow white Azalea

Strawberry Flower

Thyme Flower

Clus. Tubergen’s Tulip


Clusiana Lady Jane Tulip


Angelique Tulip

Viburnum bloom


Vinca minor variegata bloom

Weeping cherry flower

White bloom

White Tulip

White Star of Bethlehem Flower

White Star of Bethlehem Flower

Blue Spanish bells

Pink Bells

Wren Bird Eggs

Yellow Tulip

We won 3 Awards!! UAC 2011 Professional Landscape Awards

12 Mar

The Urban AG Council of Georgia recognize  professionals involved in award-winning projects in design/build/installation, landscape management, seasonal color, landscape lighting, green innovations and community service.  Following the tradition of the MALTA Professional Awards, this awards program is open to all eligible UAC member companies! There are different categories and Arcoiris Design Gardening participated in 3 of them and won MERIT on all 3 as follow:

 1. Design/Build/Installation as Small – space: Best Western Plus – Inn at the Peachtrees

2. Design/Build/Installation as Seasonal Color – Residential: West Paces Ferry

3. Design/Build/Installation as Seasonal color – Commercial: Integral Youth and Family Project, Inc

We are very grateful with our Clients that allow us to enhance their gardens and let us be part of their projects year around. And mostly we are grateful with our employees that always strive to have our gardens the best possible. Visit: http://urbanagcouncil.com/cgi-bin/MySQLdb?VIEW=/source/documents/viewdownload.txt&docid=732&file=/docs/2012/02/2012020305470724/2011awardsprogram.pdf

Arcoiris Design Gardening will continue demonstrating that using organic and natural products can provide equal or MUCH better results than using chemicals!


Pesticide Free Gardens

21 Feb

Arcoiris Design Gardening goal is to encourage and educate our clients to a pesticide-free lawn and garden! As most of us know, the environmental impact of pesticides is often greater than what is intended by those who use them. Over 98% of sprayed insecticides and 95% of herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, including non-target species, air, water, bottom sediments, and food. (1)

Furthermore, some pesticides contribute to global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. (2) There is many ways pesticides affect us, including air pollution or pesticide drift, water contamination caused by crop run-off, land run-off and leaching , persistence of pesticides in soil because the microorganisms are not able to degraded the chemicals, contamination of our food, kill bees and other pollinators,  animals may be poisoned by pesticide residues that remain on food after spraying,  poisoning from pesticides can travel up the food chain too,  can enter the human body through inhalation of aerosols, dust and vapor; through oral exposure by consuming food and water; and through dermal exposure by direct contact with skin.

Please help Arcoiris Design Gardening, to stop the use of harmful pesticides in our environment. Lets us show you how we can help you to have a free pesticide garden, we will very happy to explain all about our products and services at any time.

Are you familiar with this sign? Will you allow your childrem to play on this grass?

How about changing that sign for THIS one? Will you allow your children to play on this grass?

Important facts:

 “The Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that 72 million birds are killed by pesticides in the United States each year”. (3)

“The USDA and USFWS estimate that US farmers lose at least $200 million a year from reduced crop pollination because pesticides applied to fields eliminate about a fifth of honeybee colonies in the US and harm an additional 15%”.(1)


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_impact_of_pesticides

2. http://www.law.fsu.edu/journals/landuse/Vol131/REYN.HTMl 

3. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/01/21/BAQ21HC5CB.DTL

4. Pesticide sign picture from: http://www.psr-la.org/issues/environmental-health/pesticides/