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Organic Kitchen Garden

15 Jul

The owner wanted to have an inviting herb garden close to the kitchen and have an area where she can enjoy a morning tea. We created it a fusion of French, Italian, Latin and Asian kitchen garden, using herbs from around the world, a dwarf peach, a chandelier topiary form gala apple, 3 different varieties of strawberries, salvias, sage, stevia, 3 varieties of oregano, lemon grass, coneflowers, mints, rosemary, laurel, cat grass, catnip, borage, bee balm, Chamomile, chervil, dill, cilantro, 3 varieties of lavender, calendula, lemon balm, thyme, marigold, purple basil, basil, curry… and many more. We installed 4 planters with 4 different themes: Asian herbs, French herbs, Latin Herbs and Italian Herbs. The incorporation of a water feature as a focal point gives the complete area a relaxing touch. We left space to have a sitting area using a Faux bois style bench and finally we installed beautiful maintenance free grey tone pea gravel.

Organic Kitchen Garden 01 AFTER


Organic Kitchen Garden 02 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 03 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 04 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 05 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 06 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 07 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 08 AFTER

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How to grow Strawberries?

26 Jun

How to Plant Strawberry Plants

from http://www.netherlandbulb.com/

Pictures: Arcoiris Design Gardening

Organic Strawberries at Arcoiris Design Gardening


Be sure the container has drainage holes in the bottom.


Strawberries like deep, loamy soil that drains well. This means that it should contain plenty of organic matter


Your next step is to find some plants and put them in the soil.

There are two main kinds of strawberries available: “June-bearing” and “Ever-bearing” or day-neutral varieties that can bear from early summer right up until your first frost. While June-bearing varieties can take a year to establish (you normally plant them now for next year’s harvest), ever-bearing plants will give you fruit the very first year and may allow you to extend your harvest over a period of weeks or months.


Get them some sun on the balcony, rooftop, patio or doorstep.

For optimum production, keep your strawberry plants well watered throughout the growing season, and enjoy your homegrown strawberries. Plants should continue to be productive for at least 2-3 years.

Atlanta Blooms at the Botanical Garden!

22 Mar

Every year the Atlanta botanical garden brings to their visitors the best Bloom exhibition of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses. Featuring a quarter – million flowers of different colors, shapes and fragrances. I visited yesterday and I truly recommended for a nice family weekend!
Here are some pictures of the gardens and some inspiration for planters.
I hope you enjoy!

Atlanta Botanical Garden












Press – Magazine Recognitions – Mom.me

20 Feb

Our ORGANIC gardens are highlighted in magazines and our gardening tips are published year around! For the last couple of months I have been writing tips and advices for home gardeners for the Atlanta Home Improvement magazine. This week I have been asked to participate on another editorial opportunity for Mom.me about Garden Fruits and Vegetables!! I will update this note as soon as I have the link for Mom.me

Atlanta Home Improvements Feb 2013 2

Atlanta Home Improvements Feb 2013 3  Atlanta Home Improvements Feb 2013 1

How to plant Onions? How to Harvest Carrots?

19 Feb

How to plant Onions?

My Harvest

(This is me last year, with lots of vegetables…including my old radish jejejeje)


Last year, we started our first Vegetable plot in our neighborhood church with full sun. We have had 2 plots with about 3 hours of sun in our backyard for over 3 years (shade its limitation for higher yield). At our new plot, so far it has been an amazing experience. We planted, garlic, onions, green onions, carrots, kale, purple kale, radish, beet root and broccoli.

We have harvested lots, lots and lots of both kales, some carrots and 1 thousand radish!!

TIP #1: Radish grows very, very fast and all its ready at the same time, so plant according to your needs!
TIP #2: Fertilize your plot at least once a month with organic fertilizer. (Our carrots are still small and we planted them in October)

Hereby are 2 videos that I made today, enjoy:

How to plant Onions? http://youtu.be/0OH3DudIUz8
How to harvest carrots? http://youtu.be/sioxOxwfKGI

Thank you for visiting, your comments and tips are VERY appreciated!

How to attract birds to my backyard?

10 Feb

How to attract birds to my backyard?

When we first moved to Mindtown Atlanta, there were not many birds visiting our abandoned backyard. Nowadays, we are visited for over 30 species during the year. Some are local birds and some are migratory birds.

We basically planted evergreen shrubs such as hollies, aucubas, ligustrums, anise and many others. And most importantly we have 2 birdbaths and 3 water fountains. Water is the key to have many birds in our backyard.

Tip: Place one birdbath with stand close to a tree so the birds can feel protected and they will have a place to clean their feathers. And another one on the floor surrounding by plants such fatsia japonica, a holly tree or azaleas. Birds seem not to like birdbaths without shrubbery around it. Make sure to clean the birdbath at least once a week and refill it with fresh water every other day (even if water its frozen).

Most importantly, please do not apply any pesticides in your garden. If you apply an insect control for example you will kill not only the undesired insect but the beneficial as well, then a bird will eat this insect and then you will be poisoning the bird too.

How Important is Water for Birds?

It is VERY important, birds like other (all) animals, need water to survive. Birds also use

water for bathing, to clean their feathers and remove parasites. Every day we have many birds visiting our backyard’s birdbaths and water fountain. I don’t even have to place bird food anymore, because with water I attract more birds than ever.

Check out the following videos and pictures:




Pictures of my backyard birds:


Interesting sites:




Which vegetables can you grow in February?

1 Feb

What to plant in February in your Vegetable Box?

Have you always wonder what to plant during the winter months in Atlanta? You can grow many vegetables that MUST be planted during the cool season. Hereby, you can find some of the vegetables that you can plant in February.


Vegetable                            Days to harvest

Asparragus                                   2 years
Beets                                     55 – 65 Days
Broccoli                                  60 – 80 Days
Cabbage                                 70 – 120 Days
Carrot                                     70 – 95 Days
Collards                                    55 – 75 Days
Kale                                       50 – 70 Days
Lettuce                                    60 – 85 Days
Mustard                                   40 – 50 Days
Onion, green                                 60 – 90 Days
Onion, dry bulb                            100 – 120 Days
Peas, Garden (english)                     60 – 70 Days
Peas, edible pot                             60 – 70 Days
Peas, Southern                              60 – 70 Days
Potatoes, Irish                               70 – 90 Days
Radish                                      25 – 30 Days
Spinach                                     40 – 45 Days
Turnip                                      40 – 60 Days

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Where do birds sleep?

16 Jan

Where do birds sleep?

I am a bird lover and almost every day I take pictures of birds in my backyard. Some are migrating birds and some (many) others are local for my area. Today around 5:30 pm, I saw a downy woodpecker getting inside of a birdhouse, so I started searching online where they sleep. And I found out that they normally have roost holes in trees, where they spend the night. For my surprise, this woodpecker liked our birdhouse. This bird house was the nest for Chickadee family of 4 babies last spring (2012). Hereby is the picture that I took of him and some very interesting sites about where birds like to spend the night.

Downy woodpecker

January 2013 035




Colors of my garden – DECEMBER

7 Jan




Camellia Flower bud

Camellia Flower bud

Fatsia Flower

Fatsia Flower

Fatsia Flower and flower bud

Fatsia Flower and flower bud



Holly Berry

Holly Berry

Hyacinth emerging

Hyacinth emerging

Insect on leaf

Insect on leaf

Tree Berry

Tree Berry








4 vegetables that you can grow in the winter in Atlanta

29 Dec

4 vegetables that you can grow in the winter in Atlanta

Middle fall I planted radish, sweet onion, broccoli, garlic, spring onion, carrots, kale and chard. I have harvested most of the broccoli, radish, kale and chard so far. Now, I have space to incorporate more winter vegetables in our planting box. These are the 4 vegetables I recommend to try EARLY winter:

1. Beets
2. Kale
3. Collards
4. Swiss chard

Please plant before the first freezing weather.