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Organic Kitchen Garden

15 Jul

The owner wanted to have an inviting herb garden close to the kitchen and have an area where she can enjoy a morning tea. We created it a fusion of French, Italian, Latin and Asian kitchen garden, using herbs from around the world, a dwarf peach, a chandelier topiary form gala apple, 3 different varieties of strawberries, salvias, sage, stevia, 3 varieties of oregano, lemon grass, coneflowers, mints, rosemary, laurel, cat grass, catnip, borage, bee balm, Chamomile, chervil, dill, cilantro, 3 varieties of lavender, calendula, lemon balm, thyme, marigold, purple basil, basil, curry… and many more. We installed 4 planters with 4 different themes: Asian herbs, French herbs, Latin Herbs and Italian Herbs. The incorporation of a water feature as a focal point gives the complete area a relaxing touch. We left space to have a sitting area using a Faux bois style bench and finally we installed beautiful maintenance free grey tone pea gravel.

Organic Kitchen Garden 01 AFTER


Organic Kitchen Garden 02 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 03 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 04 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 05 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 06 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 07 AFTER Organic Kitchen Garden 08 AFTER

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Best Of Atlanta – Arcoiris Design Gardening: Best Landscaping Company.

9 Nov

Thank you very much for voted for us, we won! For us is an honor and privilege to have won in the Best Improvements category as the Best Landscaping Company in Atlanta. Since we started our business in 2005 we have encouraged ourselves to offer always the best to our clients. This is the result of our love for plants and environment. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your outdoor living spaces. – Adriana Hernandez

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Colorful Canvas Birdhouses by Birdiology

21 Oct



Colorful birdhouses for all indoor and outdoor spaces. Birdiology Collection from Arcoiris Design is your resource for unique, one of a kind birdhouses.  All combinations of fabric and all, one of a kind Birdiology birds are created by Adriana with love and care. She selects perfect fabric colors for any living space. If you are looking for a specific combination of colors she can make it happen for you.

  • Wood Material
  • Outside Fabric with different patterns
  • Organic Fabric available upon request
  • Upon request we can apply sealer for outdoor use
  • Dimentions: 9”H, 4”W
  • One Opening Style #001
  •  Two openings style #002
  • Each birdhouse comes with 2 birdies.
  • Just select the Color Palette, blue, pink, grey, green, brown, red or any other
  • Select the pattern, flowers, strips, dots or any other.
  • Because of the unique nature of her designs, no two patterns are alike.
  • If more than 1 is needed with same pattern please call for details.
  • Please call to place order.
  • Birdiology birdhouses are not a toy – not for children.
  • Price: $45 + Shipping

Green Wall for Urban Environments

30 Sep

A Green Wall is a wall, either free-standing or part of a building that is partially or completely covered with plants of different colors, textures and sometimes flavors. The concept of Green Walls was created by the French botanist Patrick Blanc. He created the first green wall in 1988 for the museum of Science and Industry in Paris. Nowadays you might have seen many green walls in different places. Thinking outside the box, Arcoiris Design Gardening has been recycling plastic containers and incorporated them with handmade wooden boxes to create a very innovative alternative for Green Walls. We incorporate from annuals to provide seasonal color to herbs and other edible plants such sage, lemon thyme, rosemary and many more. Furthermore, our Green Walls can be use outdoors or indoors. We can create your unique Green Wall following your specific needs.

Best Western Plus – Inn At The Peachtrees

30 Aug

Owners of the hotel were looking for a contemporary French Quarter, to be the perfect setting for receptions, weddings, or afternoon luncheon. They wanted us to incorporate the rich colors of the indoor decoration so the garden can flow with concept. We designed a Japanese – contemporary garden with contrast of colors and textures using Japanese maple, 4 tier topiaries, boxwoods, poodle topiaries, standard hollies, splash of color with knockout roses and fragrance plants as the gardenia radicans and star jasmine. Seasonal area is completely integrated with the perennials as a unique area that can be of different colors every season. The garden now is a great space for any event in the middle of Atlanta. The French Quarter is now the best location to host your next Event!

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Pruning Azaleas

17 Aug

Pruning azaleas


Pruning Azaleas has been always confusing since most of the people think is best to prune them right after they bloom (May – August). However, we have found in the Azalea Society site that actually that’s wrong. Please read the following and learn when and why prune Azaleas:

The sooner you prune the better:

– The best time to prune azaleas is in early spring, before the plant puts out new growth. Although you’ll be cutting off that year’s blooms, it gives the plant the full growing season to fill out, and time for the new growth to mature before winter.
– Pruning while they are in bloom is next best, and gives you some cut flowers, or pruning just after they bloom lets you enjoy the flowers on the plant.
– Since most azaleas start growing next year’s flower buds soon after they bloom, pruning after mid-summer cuts off next year’s bloom. Late pruning also runs the risk of the tender new growth being killed in cold climates.

Before you start, look at the plant you intend to work on, remembering that branches which are shaded out often die back and become dead wood anyway. Remove these first, as the effect of removing them may alter the way you approach pruning the rest of the branches to maintain the shape of the bush.

Use clean cutters, and keep them clean as the work progresses, using a sterilizing solution such as denatured alcohol or a 10% Chlorox solution, particularly if any cuts are in infected wood.

Older plants may have a number of tall branches which need to be eliminated. Doing that over several years reduces the shock to the plant. Remove two or three of the tallest branches, taking care to cut back to a side branch which is heading in the desired direction, and which is about 1/3rd the size of the cut branch. Cut close to that side branch, as any stubs will die back to the side branch anyway, and leave dead wood which may become infected later.

Next year take out two or three more branches using the same process, spreading the pruning over a three year cycle. This approach will result in the plant sending out new growth near the base, and lets you manage the shaping of the plant to achieve a nicely shaped bush. 1


Downtown Atlanta Roof Garden

3 Aug

This amazing Roof Garden in Downtown Atlanta is the perfect example of a relaxing and natural fence for some privacy. Phyllostachys aurea, is a running bamboo which grows 27’ max and can be pruned at a desired height. During windy days produces a very harmonic sound. For this project Arcoiris Design Gardening uses a wonderful yellow bamboo and hardy Windmill Palm to provide their client a great natural and colorful fence.