Arcoiris Design Gardening is a small Eco-friendly gardening and lawn maintenance company that specializes in organic flower beds, drought resistant and innovative landscaping. The name Arcoiris means “rainbow” in Spanish and Adriana Hernandez, president and owner, provides you with just that: a kaleidoscope of color and variety with each custom-designed and chemical free project. She moved to Atlanta after finishing her degree in Plant and Animal Microbiology in Colombia and a Certificate in Horticulture in Australia. Her passion for plants and love for the environment inspired her to form Arcoiris Design Gardening with her husband Juan Tobon MSc in Engineering.

Arcoiris Design Gardening has been recognized with awards by Urban AG Council for its exceptional organic flower beds and was voted the Best minority Landscaping Company in Atlanta at Atlanta Tribune Magazine.

Most importantly, they reduce their environmental foot print by buying from local nurseries, recycling all plastic containers, have chemical free gardens, use just organic soil amendments, installation of rain barrels and dripping irrigation, encourage clients to install compost bins, teach clients how to grown their veggie-herb garden and reusing paper.

With their knowledge and experience combined with their creativity and skills, Arcoiris Design Gardening will help you achieve a truly unique and successful gardening project, going beyond the traditional landscaping job.


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